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Nets Netaxept (firmerly BBS)

NETS Netaxept is the leading provider of payment solutions for online stores in the Nordic countries. If you shop online regularly, you most likely paid via NETS Netaxept earlier. You can use Visa or Mastercard when choosing NETS Netaxept as payment processors.

We use a payment solution that NETS Netaxept because we then ensure that the latest security requirements from card issuers and card processors are implemented centrally. This means that your safety as a customer always being taken care of, and you can be confident in the knowledge that the transaction technology is always updated and protected against the latest threats.

NETS Netaxept have VISA and Mastercard PCI accreditation. PCI (Payment Card Industry) - accreditation is a comprehensive program aiming to strengthen data security among suppliers of payment solutions.

Benefits of 3D Secure

Online stores that use 3D Secure has increased security that minimizes the risk of card misuse. As long as the online store offers an online payment solution that supports 3D Secure, it is the card issuing bank, and not the online store that carries full responsibility in the event of card misuse.


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