Caroline Olsson 

The designer of the series SKOG is Caroline Olsson. Caroline has a degree as a product designer, and enjoys working directly with the material, preferably in collaboration with industry professionals, to create her pieces.


Caroline is committed to creating poetic products that will feel meaningful to own and to live with for years to come. She grew up in the deep forests of Magnor, Eidskog, which is also home to Magnor Glassworks. Skog as a series is inspired by those vast forests where she played as a child, and with it, she wishes to continue the story of the "adventure forest" and to share it with those who love her work.


The lamps SKOG were first shown on DOGA in June 2011, where they received much attention. Beautiful green glass domes with oak pedestals create a graceful green forest of art glass. These are lamps that can stand alone or in groups. With their unique, simple design and organic shapes, these lights will be timeless and elegant in your home or in a public or business setting. 


    The Skog series consists of several lights in different sizes, shapes and colours, which can be used in combination with each other or as stand alone pieces. They are all made in mouth blown crystal with a base in oak made by using the technique of wood turning. The design is inspired by the large forests surrounding Magnor Glassverk. Skog is the Norwegian word for forest. Simply place a few of the lights together on the floor or on a table in order to create your own little forest. Beautiful, green glass sculptures together with oak ... creates a beautiful and green forest of art glass. These designer lamps can stand alone or in a group. With their unique, simple design and good organic forms the lamps are timeless, and well suited to a modern home or public envirement.

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