SHINE are a series of shiny and seductive lanterns and vases, designed by the famous designer Simen Staalnacke. He took inspiration for this magical design from the moonlight itself, and the Shine series is a tribute to those magical hours when everything is calm and serene. It's all about creating a good atmosphere and adding some elegance to the home, in contrast to our often busy daily lives.

SHINE can be used as either lanterns or vases. As lanterns, they provide a magical and alluring play of light. As vases, they have an elegant and stylish design expression which holds the flowers together beautifully. They come in a range of sizes suitable for all occasions and for all kinds of flowers and candles, adding a touch of glamour to any interior, whether arranged separately or together as lamps and vases.

SHINE comes in four functional sizes: tealight holder 65 mm, hurricane lantern 105 mm, small vase 205 mm, and tall vase 305 mm. The series is mouth-blown and handmade by experienced glass blowers with long traditions in the craft, and painted in a shiny metallic lustre. We recommend you always wash it by hand to preserve this beautiful finish. As proof of good craftsmanship, each lantern or vase in the Shine series is unique. Let Shine shine and radiate a feeling of everyday luxury in your own home!

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