Rocks Blue 

ROCKS BLUE is a continuation of the Rocks series of elegant and sophisticated lanterns, now presented in a luscious sea blue colour. Associated with inner peace, blue is a much-loved colour in Norway which fits perfectly in the home. Created by the popular interior designer and TV personality Halvor Bakke, the Rocks series is also available in charcoal grey, moss green, golden amber and a clear version. The inspiration for Rocks was taken from the Ice Age, and the designer's many trips to Mølen in Norway, where he strolled along the shore and was inspired by the sight of rough stones at the waterfront and beautiful rock formations of moraines from thousands of years ago. Halvor has brought his appreciation of the natural world to his own designs - its shapes, colours and authentic beauty - and allowed himself to play with nature's design in his own creations. This is how he created the series Rocks; by turning nature's alluring, yet wild and naked shapes into beautiful lanterns which can also be used as a vase. The inspiration for the blue colour was drawn from the sea.

ROCKS BLUE consists of two parts: a hurricane lantern and a candleholder. Both are mouth-blown and handcrafted by proud glass-blowers. Each one is unique, authentic and perfect for those who value both the functional and the aesthetically beautiful. These sea blue lanterns are soft and shiny, creating a beautiful play of light.

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