Katinka von der Lippe 

Katinka von der Lippe is a recognized designer with a broad design background, - from cars to furniture, porcelain and glass. She holds a Master of Arts and has received Red Dot award, Brit Design Award, and a series of Norwegian Design Awards. She has her own design studio and workshop in Oslo where she develops and produces her unique designs. She brings together materials such as glass and metal with skilful aesthetic and technical insight. Her return to glass, art and craft is also a tribute to her childhood, growing up in a family of artists in generations.

  • Zeppeliner

    Zeppeliner is blown and shaped in three distinctive shades of colour. Ash green provides a striking play of light together with a warm and comfortable atmosphere in any room. The white series is pure and Scandinavian, with a bright and exclusive feel. The blue lights create an extraordinary experience. Mythical and finely tuned, it is quite unlike anything else.

    You can decide between a matte or glossy surface, each creating a different light experience. The lamps and lanterns are equally suitable for your living room, hall or bedroom. The pendulums look lovely when they are hung together at varying heights. Feel free to combine matte and glossy pieces in the same room to create a unique atmosphere!

    The lanterns are designed with airflow to avoid sooting on the glass and melted candle wax in the lantern. The vases are delivered in two beautiful matching blue colours with unique stripes. They are equally elegant with or without flowers and fit perfectly with Zeppeliner lamps or candle holders.

    ZEPPELINER comes in sixteen beautiful pieces: two vases (30 cm), three candle holders (19 cm), four low table lamps (21.5 cm), two tall table lamps (30.5 cm), three low pendants (21.5 cm) and two tall pendants (30.5 cm), distributed in six beautiful interior colours.

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