ZEBRA is an exclusive and unique series of art glass, designed by renowned artist Camilla Prytz. ZEBRA comes in three parts; small bowl, large bowl and lamp. In white, black and a small touch of crow's eye. Zebra is genuine Norwegian handicraft made of the finest crystal. Each part is blown by professional glass blowers in the glass cabin at Magnor Glassverk, together with Camilla herself. All bowls, bowls and lamps are unique, there are no two alike, and all parts are signed by the artist. Camilla Prytz has drawn inspiration from the animal world, and the black and white zebra. All zebras are unique, their pattern is like a human's fingerprint, no one is equal. The zebra is wild and refuses to be tamed. It symbolizes individualism and strong will, while at the same time enjoying being in its flock.

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