Se ilden lyse 

SE ILDEN LYSE are Christmas ornaments with stars and star dust. Designed by the famous multi-artist Jan Vincent Johannessen, they are a continuation of the success of the Christmas ornaments "Heaven on Earth", which contained angel feathers. Christmas does something to all of us. Expectations that build up during the Advent era, with traditional symbols such as stars, angels, Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments and songs, are triggered during the Christmas holidays. The lyrics to "Se Ilden Lyse" were written by Jan Vincent Johannessen for the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994. The song has become popular and means a lot to many - even at Christmas. The exclusive Christmas ornaments Se Ilden Lyse are mouth-blown and handmade with shining stars and star dust. They come in two sizes, in gold or silver, with lyrics on the outside and star dust inside, and with white silk ribbon ready for hanging. SEEING THE LIGHT LIGHT makes your Christmas and your home even more beautiful.

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