Melodi Julekuler  

MELODI is a set of beautiful Christmas baubles designed by the famous flower decorator Finn Schjøll, which perfectly captures the Norwegian concept of ‘koselig.’ Available in clear or frosted designs, the series consists of six different Christmas baubles, all measuring 9 cm in diameter. Ready for hanging, each one is delivered with a thread of festive red wool and decorated with stars, hearts and musical notes.


The inspiration for MELODI was drawn from Finn Schjøll’s own childhood, because stars, hearts and melodies are Christmas! The collection evokes the green of the Christmas tree and its colourful decorations, along with the stars that light up the night sky and the heart we put into everything we do at this time of year, especially the songs we sing. The red, woollen thread harkens back to the old Norwegian tradition of making little Santas out of wool.


Finn Schjøll knows how to decorate for Christmas, and tradition always beats trend at this time of year. Part of the joy comes from bringing out the same decorations each year, but these melodic baubles would be a valuable addition to any collection! You can hang them anywhere you want; on the Christmas tree, in the window, or you could even use them as table decor. They also fit superbly with Finn Schjøll's Christmas collections BOBLEN FROSTY LOVE, STELLA POLARIS and LOVE HEART, with their beautiful combinations of clear, frosted and Christmas-red glass.


MELODI Christmas baubles are mouth blown and decorated with hearts, stars and musical notes in gold and red. They also carry Finn Schjøll's famous signature. Get inspired by Finn Schjøll and give your home a traditional Nordic Christmas!

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