FINNS HAGE STRAWBERRY is a lovely and summery strawberry tableware set consisting of a cup, small plate and dessert bowl from the famous florist Finn Schjøll. In 2015, the first parts of the series FINNS HAGE were launched with eight different flower decorations from Finn's own garden.


Now we have three new additions to the series which were inspired by Finn’s gorgeous garden on Nøtterøy where summer always brings delicious wild strawberries. If you are a müsli eater, FINNS HAGE STRAWBERRY will give you wonderful summer memories all year long!


FINNS HAGE STRAWBERRY is both a dessert cup measuring 7.5 cm tall and a gift set consisting of a cup (24 cl) and a plate (22 cm), all decorated with beautiful wild strawberries. Each piece is brilliant white, finished with a durable glaze and made to last. The gold details are 24-karat gold. This strawberry set invites you to long summer evenings on the terrace with family and friends. Let Finn Schjøll's strawberry set inspire you; strawberries are real happiness!

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