Tokyo Gunmetal  

TOKYO GUNMETAL CUTLERY is an elegant and well-formed cutlery set which combines the unique with the functional. It was created by the famous designer and entrepreneur Simen Staalnacke.

The design was inspired by Japanese aesthetics and the city of Tokyo's clean lines, creating a sleek expression which marries the modern with the traditional in a way that fits perfectly into Norwegian homes. In addition, the cutlery has an ergonomic design that makes it beautifully weighted and easy to handle, as well as a unique and luxurious gunmetal coating which contributes to its timeless feel. Each piece is decorated with an elegant and simple origami figure as a tribute to Tokyo, the city where modern design meets ancient tradition.

TOKYO GUNMETAL includes: a knife 23.8 cm; fork 20.8 cm; spoon 20.8 cm; teaspoon 14.8 cm; salad spoon 25.5 cm and a 25.5 cm salad fork. The parts are delivered as three great gift sets:

· 4-piece envelope set consisting of a knife / fork / spoon / teaspoon

· 24-piece set consisting of six knives / forks / spoons / teaspoons

· 2-piece salad set consisting of a salad fork and a salad spoon

This cutlery set is comprised of the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. It really stands out from the crowd with its meticulous attention to detail, and each knife, fork and spoon is cast in one whole piece without any joints. Adorned with an origami figure on the handle and brand design on the back, each part of the set is delivered in a luxurious, midnight blue gift box.

With TOKYO cutlery, designed by Simen Staalnacke, you’ll find a unique and stylish set of cutlery that’s sure to be admired

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