Tokyo Wine 

TOKYO WINE is Magnor’s major new flagship series, created by the famous designer Simen Staalnacke. This is the complete wine experience, combining energy and passion with a stylish, sculptural design. Each glass is generously proportioned, while still incorporating the same tight silhouette inspired by Japanese aesthetics.


The name of the series was taken from Simen Staalnacke’s favourite city, Tokyo, an urban melting pot where ultra-modern design meets ancient tradition. This busy metropolis is a constant source of inspiration for Simen. The latest trends in this exceptionally busy city are best enjoyed with a well rounded glass of wine at one of the city’s rooftop restaurants.


TOKYO WINE SERVICE was designed to create the optimal taste experience. A glass of wine should be delicious to drink and the design should be the perfect fusion between beautiful aesthetics and functional design.The beauty of each glass is enhanced by the sparkling light play they produce, which adds atmosphere and a sense of timeless luxury to any occasion.


TOKYO wine series consists of eight different glasses: white wine 45 cl; red wine 63 cl; champagne 30 cl; beer 59 cl; cordial 12 cl; water 48 cl; water and wine decanter 100 cl; and, finally, a wonderful, SPECIAL EDITION 30 cl champagne glass, hand painted in a shiny blue lustre.


TOKYO wine series is a representation of true craftsmanship. Mouth blown and handmade by professional glass blowers, this series combines beauty with function in a way that is sure to endure for generations to come, just as modern, tight lines meet with traditional styles in the city of Tokyo. Each piece represents the highest quality in Norwegian design, and they are all marked with the famous Magnor brand.

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