Cape dinner  

CAPE DINNER flat and deep plate is a continuation of the elegant and luxurious coffee set with gold details designed by furniture and interior designer Halvor Bakke.

 He found the inspiration for the design during one of his many trips to Cape Town, where early one morning he stumbled upon a stylishly wrought iron gate in the old Dutch colonial style, Cape Dutch. The discreet and sophisticated pattern has been transferred to beautiful porcelain with simple, tight shapes and chic gold edges, giving a classic yet modern feel.

 The CAPE DINNER flat plate is 28 cm in diameter, and the deep plate is 23 cm. Both are suitable for dinner and lunch, as well as all sorts of trendy and fancy dishes that might require an extra flourish.

 Each piece is brilliant white, finished with a durable glaze and made to last. The gold ornamentation is 24-karat gold. Every aspect of the design has been completed in minute detail, resulting in a sophisticated look. CAPE invites you to stylish dinner parties and grand occasions. This is a set that will stay in the family for generations to come.

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