Tokyo The Blue Hour  



TOKYO - THE BLUE HOUR is a set of gorgeous and seductive vases and lanterns, created by the famous designer Simen Staalnacke. The inspiration for the clean lines in this series was taken from his favourite city, Tokyo, where the latest trends meet ancient traditions. The name is a tribute to the blue hour, that magical time just before day meets night, when beautiful shades of blue are scattered across the sky and a sense of calm falls over even the busiest cities. Simen invites you to create your own cosy blue hour at home, when you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in quiet comfort.


TOKYO - THE BLUE HOUR is a collection that can be used as either lanterns or vases. As lanterns, they provide a captivating light play. As vases, their shape helps to create elegant and stylish flower arrangements. Their size makes them suitable for all occasions and for all kinds of flowers and candles. When placed together in small groups of lanterns and vases, they will add atmosphere and style to any home.


TOKYO - THE BLUE HOUR comes in five functional sizes: tea light holder 65 mm; lantern/ low vase 105 mm; lantern / tall vase 165 mm; low vase 205 mm and tall vase 305 mm. The series is mouth blown and handmade by experienced glass blowers with long traditions in the craft, and painted in a beautiful midnight blue tint. Each item in the series is a unique expression of exceptional craftsmanship.


Let TOKYO - THE BLUE HOUR inspire you to create your own beautiful blue hour at home, every day!

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