SNØBALLEN is a new design by the famous flower decorator and TV personality, Finn Schjøll. This small and dainty candle holder creates plenty of atmosphere all on its own, but also fits beautifully with Finn’s vase series, Boblen. In Finn Schjøll’s estimation, "Only live candles can measure up to flowers as mood-creators in the home."


SNØBALLEN is round and soft, like a snowball shaped by a child's hand. Sandblasted and 55 cm in diameter, its solid and balanced design makes it safe to use with tall, thin party lights. The beautiful and timeless spherical shape and matte surface fits perfectly into Nordic homes, whatever the season. Reminiscent of a frosted snowlight in the winter or a dewy fruit in the summer, the candle holder can stand alone but also works well when arranged as part of a group.


Create a warm atmosphere in your home and let yourself be tempted by these beautiful, handmade snowballs. An expression of genuine craftsmanship, Finn Schjøll’s design is brought to life by experienced glass blowers in Magnor’s famous glassworks.


Finn Schjøll is one of the most popular florists and television personalities in Norway, well known for his good humour and wisdom. He is an expert in flower arrangements and table setting, and he’s always finding new inspiration when it comes to arranging the table for various get-togethers.


For Magnor Glassworks he has had much success with the series Boblen, Dråpen, Finns Hage and Kvarts. His most recent creations are the beautiful Christmas baubles MELODI, and the candle holders BOBLEN and SNØBALLEN.

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