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Magnor is proud to launch a unique licensed vacuum bottle with two different FLÅKLYPA drawings from the famous author, illustrator/artist/painter and cartoonist KJELL AUKRUST (1920-2002). Ever since 1963, Kjell Aukrust's popular Flåklypa stories and Flåklypa drawings, featuring Solan and Ludvig, have been enjoyed by everyone. The figures and the famous drawings have become part of our Norwegian tradition and heritage.


AUKRUST is made for both adults and children. The vacuum bottle comes with two motifs; Solan or Ludvig, which are Kjell Aukrust's famous and original Flåklypa drawings. The illustrations have been carefully selected in collaboration with the Aukrust Foundation, and are officially licensed products. They are charming collectibles for anyone who loves the legendary Aukrust, and a great gift for children of all ages.


AUKRUST vacuum bottle, made in best quality stainless steel with high insulation ability, is leakproof and keep your drinks hot or cold for many hours. Please do not use is dish washer. The vacuum bottles come with Aukrust’s unique signature, and are perfect Norwegian gifts to the ones you care about and love.

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