Boblen Heart Candy Lysestake 

BOBLEN HEART CANDY CANDLESTICKS are as charming as they are irresistible! Launched in 2018, they are a continuation of Finn Schjøll's great success with the vase series Boblen and the small, decorative vases BOBLEN HEART CANDY and BOBLEN CANDLESTICKS. Now, beautiful pastel-coloured candlesticks for tall candles have been launched in the same gorgeous pastel colours as the popular mini-vase collection BOBLEN HEART CANDY.


The design was inspired by water drops resting like pearls on a leaf after rainfall. The soft and timeless shapes and matte pastel-coloured surface fit perfectly into modern homes.


BOBLEN HEART CANDY CANDLESTICK is 9 cm tall and available in six delicious candy colours; blue, yellow, lime, purple, pink and mint. It’s hard not to fall in love with these colours, and they’ll be a must-have for your home.


BOBLEN is mouth blown and handmade by experienced glass blowers with long traditions in the craft. These skilled craftsmen bring a personal touch to each vase, creating a unique product which is a testament to true craftsmanship. Be inspired by Finn Schjøll; light candles and make your home beam with pastel-coloured happiness!

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