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  • The Bucket
    The Bucket

    THE BUCKET is an exclusive and sophisticated series of tealight holders, lanterns, vases and ice buckets, designed by the famous stylist Jan Thomas. The inspiration for the series was drawn from his own childhood home where his mother always made sure to keep bountiful vases full of flowers. The flowers were always on display, and when the evening came she would also light candles. Jan Thomas has captured these fond memories in a new beautiful and timeless design that takes the shape of an elegant ice bucket. The design expression is masculine and exquisite, with a touch of Hollywood glamour. THE BUCKET tea light holder / vase / lantern / ice bucket is an extremely versatile collection that combines everyday luxury with the functional.

    THE BUCKET comes in four sizes and three sober interior colours: Earth Brown, Soft Gray and Royal Blue. The shape is designed by Jan Thomas himself and the colours are carefully selected by him to give your home some added style and luxury.

    THE BUCKET consists of a tea light holder 9.5 cm, vase / lantern 16 cm, vase / lantern 20 cm and ice bucket / vase 24 cm. The series is mouth blown and handmade in solid glass by professional glass blowers, and is perfect for those who appreciate the aesthetically beautiful, but at the same time appreciate function, quality and good design. Each piece has Jan Thomas's well-known and distinctive signature, as proof of their exceptional quality.

    Jan Thomas has been collaborating with people as a stylist for many years, and now he is ready to bring his style to our homes with elegant ice buckets, shiny lanterns and sober vases.

  • Love

    L O V E is a generous and stylish set of porcelain that exudes love and warmth, designed by the famous celebrity stylist Jan Thomas. He found inspiration from his own everyday life as a stylist where he regularly meets people from different backgrounds with warm hearts and interesting stories to tell. Everyone deserves to be met with warmth and love, and this is exactly what Jan Thomas wants to convey with his new series, LOVE!

    The series LOVE consists of three parts: cup 35 cl, mug 80 cl and muesli bowl 15 cm. The design is soft and stylish, and both the shape of the tableware and the hearts each piece is adorned with were created by Jan Thomas. The cups with the heart-shaped handle in gold and the round bowl are comfortable to hold and warm your hands on, and golden hearts, signatures and quotes stand out against a beautiful, matte black surface. This is a set you’ll want to use for every occasion, and it’s the perfect gift for someone special. Gild every day with LOVE!  

    This timeless design expression stands out from the crowd and has been refined down to the smallest detail. Each piece has Jan Thomas's distinctive signature, and they are all made in the best quality porcelain with a durable matte black finish. Due to the 24 karat gold details, we recommend washing the pieces by hand, which will make them last longer. LOVE is an exquisite Norwegian design by Jan Thomas, let it be part of your good life.

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