Animals The White Moose 

ANIMALS MOOSE is a continuation of the beautifully handcrafted figures in delicate and timeless white porcelain, created by the famous artist Camilla Prytz. Camilla has been fascinated by big wild animals ever since she was little and loved Pippi and the Jungle Book. In adulthood she has continued to find inspiration in animals, drawing from their many different patterns, shapes and characteristics.

In 2017 she launchedANIMALS Monkey, Tiger and Crocodile for Magnor, a series inspired by the jungle. This time she has taken the inspiration from Magnor's deep forests. ANIMALS MOOSE is a tribute to the king of the forest, the largest Norwegian animal, and was created for the enjoyment of nature lovers and tourists.

The moose is a little bit magic, and can symbolise mystery, perseverance, nature, strength and respect.

The moose is strongly connected to nature and it can give you wisdom about the forest's mystery, and remind us to take care of all life on Earth.

ANIMALS MOOSE is handmade in beautiful white quality porcelain with the artist's well-known signature for lasting value. Animals are the perfect gift for yourself and those you love.

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