Tokyo Origami 

TOKYO ORIGAMI is a set of exclusive, playful and alluring porcelain tableware. Created by the famous designer and entrepreneur Simen Staalnacke, this work really stands out from the crowd with its beautiful origami pattern and unique combination of influences, bringing together Japanese aesthetics, the love hormone oxytocin and Simen’s favourite city, Tokyo.

The tableware is embellished by a graphic expression built around a simple origami figure that is assembled in many different ways. This creates an exceptional dynamism in the design that makes the different parts shine together, but also individually, moving effortlessly from the simple to the more extravagant and complex. The repetition of blue tones throughout the pattern are a tribute to Magnor's legacy and historical use of blue colours.

Another theme is the love hormone oxytocin, which is associated with being social and enjoying the company of friends and family. It generates feelings of satisfaction, peace and security, which is why Simen chose to adorn this beautiful porcelain tableware with the eye-catching pattern of oxytocin’s molecular structure - to inspire a pleasant atmosphere and friendly conversations around the table!

In addition to fostering a sense of love and well-being, Simen Staalnacke designed this tableware to stand out on the table, enhancing a party atmosphere while still being stylish and elegant. By combining the origami pattern in different ways, he plays with beautiful decorations and sophisticated blue tones, specially chosen to draw the eye and enhance the dining experience.

TOKYO ORIGAMI comes in ten functional parts: Gourmet plate/cover plate 320 mm; plate 280 mm; breakfast plate 215 mm; deep bowl 150 mm; coffee cup 20 cl; coffee saucer 150 mm; mug light 30 cl; mug dark 30 cl; bowl Ø 250 mm and dish 360 mm.

TOKYO ORIGAMI is made from the best quality porcelain and finished with a durable glaze. Each piece is a beautiful expression of modern and playful design, completed with a meticulous attention to detail. Its charming origami pattern makes TOKYO ORIGAMI an absolute favourite, whether you’re using it every day or saving it just for special occasions.

Let Simen Staalnacke’s unique design bring love - and oxytocin - into your home!

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