Magnor Glassverk is proud to launch a set of unique coffee cups with lyrics from the famous Norwegian lyricist Hans Børli (1918-1989) to celebrate his 100th anniversary this year. Hans Børli is known as the forest poet, and worked all his life as a logger and author. He wrote poetry, novels, short stories and plays about the forest and the experience of living there. His poems have been translated into several languages, and he received a number of literary prizes, including the Critics Prize in 1970 and the Dobloug Prize in 1972. He was also nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 1972.

The designer Teresa Bergerud comes from the same district as Hans Børli and received the design assignment from the Eidskog Municipality. She was inspired to create the beautiful and functional coffee cup BØRLI that comes with four beautiful adornments; Myrull, Timotei, Hundekjeks and Strå. Its shape and composition come together to form a simple yet beautiful design that would fit well into Hans Børli own universe - the forest.

Each of the four mugs that form the series BØRLI is brilliant white, finished with a durable glaze and made to last. These are great collectibles and a unique gift for anyone who loves Hans Børli and his beautiful poems from the deep forests.

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