KVARTS is a set of modern, elegant vases in sophisticated gemstone colours, designed by renowned florist Finn Schjøll. Slender and rectangular, these vases are bound to draw the eye with their unique array of shiny and transparent colours, from sparkling clear to four brilliant gemstones: dark turquoise, warm amethyst, emerald green and golden amber.  .

Finn Schjøll’s inspiration for KVARTS came from the beautiful mineral quartz, the most common mineral in the earth's crust which can be found in most rocks. This means that even granite contains the vibrant colours of gems, which goes to show that you can experience beauty even in the seemingly mundane. When you know that grey stones are also gems, you discover the magic in everything.  

The eight rectangular vases KVARTS always add a touch of festive charm, no matter how they’re arranged. Finn Schjøll excels in bringing this kind of ambience to a room with flowers and other decorations, and his elegant and sophisticated vases are a perfect fit when it comes to contemporary interior design trends.

Just like making gems out of granite, this set of unique vases could be the treasure that makes your house a home, and your home a castle.

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