Tiljen Vase 

This versatile object was initially created as a vase for flower table arrangements that can be used alone or in a group, enhancing the dinner table experience without obscuring sightlines. A union of modern and classic styles, the organic shape takes its inspiration from Alice in Wonderland's magical universe and could  easily slide into most decors. Let your imagination decide what you put in them; flowers, candles, popcorn, your favourite chocolate? The tinted glass was chosen to emphasise the colours of petals on the flowers, and the name of the series is derived from Dagny’s grand aunt Tiljen, with her eccentric, larger-than-life personality, which wouldn’t be out of place in Alice’s Wonderland!

TILJEN VASE / CANDLE HOLDER comes in two sizes and three painted colours; green forest, warm terracotta and golden honey. Tiljen is mouth blown and handmade by professional glass blowers, and each piece is a unique expression of beautiful craftsmanship.

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