Finns Jul 

FINNS JUL is a series of playful and stylish tea light holders with a real sense of craftsmanship, designed by the well known florist Finn Schjøll. Finns Jul (meaning Finn’s Christmas in Norwegian) consists of two STELLA POLARIS stars in clear and frosted designs, as well as three LOVE HEART hearts in clear, frosted and red designs. Each piece has a space which is the perfect fit for a tea light.

Finn Schjøll draws inspiration from his own wonderful Christmas celebrations. He is an expert at decorating for Christmas, and he loves to spread joy, which he achieves by decorating hearts, stars and Christmas flowers. Everyone loves hearts and stars, and they are well suited to all Nordic homes. Use the tea light holders like table decorations, place a heart or a star on each table setting, or put them on tables, shelves and in window frames. They will light up your room, giving it soul and personality. Your home can never have too many stars or hearts, and you might find yourself leaving them up long after Twelfth Night!

FINNS JUL, Stella Polaris and Love Hearts are beautifully crafted and each one is unique, just like the stars of the universe and every individual human heart. Let these tea light holders be the gift you choose for your loved ones this year - they say it all.

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