Boblen Frosty 

BOBLEN FROSTY is a continuation of Finn Schjøll's major design success with his vase Boblen. Now we are launching a new sandblasted version of this popular vase  which is well suited to any season. It is dewy fresh for spring and frosted for winter. For us living up north, the frosty feeling of clear, crisp air is part of our summers as well as our winters.  

Boblen Frosty comes in three sizes; mini- 7 cm, small- 12 cm and medium- 16cm. The soft shape and matte, sandblasted surface of the vase is beautiful and timeless, and these pieces will fit perfectly into any Scandinavian-styled home. The design is inspired by nature and symbolises water drops resting like pearls on a leaf after rain has fallen.

The wide collar of the vase makes it very versatile, allowing for both formal and informal flower arrangements, whether you picked the flowers yourself or received them as a gift. Boblen is blown and handcrafted by experienced glassblowers with a long tradition in the craft and each vase is authenticated with Finn Schjøll's signature. Be inspired by Finn Schjøll and bring some authentic happiness to your home!

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