TORUS is a simple and beautiful candlestick in transparent glass, designed by the young artist Thea Jegerud. It has soft lines, a playful shape and functions well in all settings. It has an elegant and recognisable form while not being overly traditional. This makes it a stylish and unpretentious candleholder that is suitable both for everyday use and special occasions. The light is held steadily in the candleholder, which can be placed alone or grouped together. The colours are modern, transparent and fit well into the contemporary Norwegian home. Choose your favourite or mix and match.

Torus is the name of a mathematical form, reminiscent of a doughnut. This form is the basis for the design of the candleholder - a semicircle of glass which folds around the light. Thea found her inspiration for Torus from the glassmaking craft itself where she has been using basic glassblowing techniques to produce a simple yet beautiful candleholder.

TORUS is mouth-blown and handmade, therefore each one is totally unique - aesthetically beautiful yet functional and versatile.

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