FISHEYE is a beautiful sculptural art vase and a unique art product, designed by famous artist Camilla Prytz, who is a trained glassblower. The art vase comes in two varieties, EYE BOWL and FISH BOWL, with each variety available in two colour combinations.

Eye Bowl comes in the colour combinations blue/turquoise and multicolour. The eye has many meanings in different cultures and can symbolise protection, intuition, concentration, visualisation and enlightenment. The eye has always followed Camilla Prytz through her work.

Fish bowl comes in the colour combinations blue/turquoise and shimmer. The glass fish was the first piece of jewelry Camilla Prytz made after swimming in the coral reefs of the Caribbean 20 years ago. She discovered a new world of colour under water that has inspired her ever since. The fish can symbolise life, fertility, the subconscious, emotions and independence.

All the beautiful glass eyes and glass fish in the vases are handmade by Camilla Prytz in her own kiln in her studio in Odderøya, Kristiansand. Then, glassblowers in Magnor's glass hut magically inflate the eyes and fish inside the liquid crystal glass. Each of the vases are unique and blown freehand, and they all carry Camilla Prytz’ famous signature.

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