ANIMALS are beautiful, handcrafted figures in luxurious and timeless white porcelain, designed by the renowned artist Camilla Prytz. Camilla Prytz has been fascinated by large wild animals ever since she was little, when she loved Pippi and used to draw all the characters from The Jungle Book. In adulthood, she continues to draw inspiration from wild animals and her designs reference animal patterns, animal shapes and textures. She lives with a life-sized crocodile sculpture on her living room floor, her favourite clothes feature leopard skin patterns and she has created a unique jewellery collection that reflects her passion for the wild. Magnor's deep woods are like a Norwegian jungle and it is here that Camilla Prytz has let loose her wildest imagination to create her favourite, wildest animals in the finest porcelain. She hopes that ANIMALS’ fine qualities will inspire you, and that the animals will find many happy new homes. These animals can be a daily reminder for us to be kind to nature. Each animal has its own power and has something unique to teach us.

Monkey: The monkey is playful, curious, funny, creative and intelligent.

Tiger: The tiger is strong, powerful, aggressive, lonely and persevering.

Crocodile: The crocodile is patient, timely, skilled in survival, protection and wisdom.

ANIMALS are handmade figurines in beautiful white quality porcelain with the artist's famous signature for lasting value. ANIMALS are the perfect gift for yourself and those you love.

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