Polar Bear White 

Made from luxurious art glass and designed by Studio Magnor, POLAR BEAR WHITE combines soft lines and playful shapes to create something truly magical. Each piece is an example of highly accomplished glassblowing, as beautiful, elegant figures are created from molten glass taken straight from the glowing furnace. This is what real artwork is all about.

The inspiration for the white polar bears was taken from the famous artist Wenche Myhre, who wanted to add white polar bears to the collection of clear polar bears we have been producing for 50 years.

POLAR BEAR WHITE is perfect as a gift, souvenir or small sculpture. It comes in three attractive sizes that go together as a small family. The mouth blowing process gives each piece a unique, handmade authenticity, and their aesthetic beauty and impeccable design ensures they will be appreciated by people who enjoy small treasures.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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