Sverre Uhnger 

Sverre Uhnger is an educated designer from Bergen National Academy of the Arts and Aalto University in Helsinki, and has also worked as a cabinetmaker. He aims to create products that feel natural and where the intrinsic qualities of the materials and production techniques used are a focal point of the design. He runs his own design office and is active on several boards, including Klubben and Designers’ Saturday. For Magnor, Sverre Uhnger designed the beer and aquavit series BRYGG and the bowl FAVN. FOLD is his most recent creation.

  • Fold

    FOLD is Sverre Uhnger's first art glass for Magnor. The soft and inviting shapes are an exploration of techniques that require handwork and high precision. The shapes are blown and opened before they are folded over the edge, capturing the soft features of the molten glass. Since they are mouth blown and handmade, each Fold piece is unique and has its own personality.

    The FOLD series consists of two varieties whose size and shape allow them to be used in all kinds of different ways. They can improve any room when arranged as decorative objects with or without flowers, or you may choose to give them a more practical function, perhaps using them as part of food presentation or to store things in.

  • Brygg

    BRYGG is Magnor Glassverk's new beer and aquavit series, designed by Sverre Uhnger and developed in collaboration with experts from Arcus, St. Hallvard's Brewery and Sentralen Restaurant. Brygg is  for those who want to explore and experiment in the exciting world of quality beer and aquavit, and who want beautiful glassware to go with their adventure. Brygg consists of five handmade and mouth-blown glasses, designed specifically to complement the most popular aquavit and beers in Norway.

    The glasses have an elegant stem that gives a good grip while maintaining the proper temperature of your beer. The very unusual shape of the stem points upwards and draws attention to the glass bell and, most importantly, its content. The bells themselves are carefully designed to highlight the characteristics of each different beers, from the light and refreshing to the dark and aromatic. The result is a range of glassware that highlights the content, aroma and flavour of your beer and is satisfyingly beautiful to use.

  • Favn

    Magnor is focused on clean and functional products for everyday use, and these beautiful new glass bowls, created in collaboration with designer Sverre Uhnger, encapsulate that philosophy. These pieces are contemporary and designed to be great to use at every meal, for your own pleasure or for food with friends, for simple chips and dips or a healthy salad.  The tilted edge provides a natural finish to the generous shape and makes the bowls perfect to pass around the table for easy, communal dining.

    FAVN is blown and handcrafted by experienced glassblowers and is perfect for those who appreciate true craftsmanship, high quality and good design. The series consists of three beautiful, simple and functional bowls that are a natural part of any kitchen / household. Favn comes in three sizes that can accommodate respectively 3.3 liters (Ø 247 mm), 1.5 liter (Ø 186 mm) and 0.5 liter (Ø 138 mm). The bowls are, of course, dishwasher safe. These are the bowls you will want to use over and over again, every day of the year.

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