BRYGG is Magnor Glassverk's new beer and aquavit series, designed by Sverre Uhnger and developed in collaboration with experts from Arcus, St. Hallvard's Brewery and Sentralen Restaurant. Brygg is  for those who want to explore and experiment in the exciting world of quality beer and aquavit, and who want beautiful glassware to go with their adventure. Brygg consists of five handmade and mouth-blown glasses, designed specifically to complement the most popular aquavit and beers in Norway.

The glasses have an elegant stem that gives a good grip while maintaining the proper temperature of your beer. The very unusual shape of the stem points upwards and draws attention to the glass bell and, most importantly, its content. The bells themselves are carefully designed to highlight the characteristics of each different beers, from the light and refreshing to the dark and aromatic. The result is a range of glassware that highlights the content, aroma and flavour of your beer and is satisfyingly beautiful to use.

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