GENEROUS are beautiful and luxurious pieces of art glass. This vase and plate, designed by renowned artist Camilla Prytz, reflect her appreciation of generosity. For her, generosity is the most important value, in life and in art. To be generous means giving, sharing, helping: an offering to the world that goes beyond the ordinary.

‘Generous’ derives from the Latin word "generosus", meaning noble in behaviour and action. Generosity is a mature, moral and open approach to life. It is an attitude that both involves and invites hospitality, greatness, freedom, charity and love.

When it comes to her designs, Camilla Prytz is committed to generosity in shape and colour. These pieces are large in size, wide and open in form, and broad strokes of colour are used to beautiful effect. Here, no expense is spared, and this concept is continued in their use. In the vase, there is space for unusually large bouquets of flowers, and the plate should be bursting with fruit. When you wish, you will find that the design is beautiful and rich enough to stand alone as sculpture, without flowers or fruit.

Generous vase and plate are available in three sophisticated colours: Ivory, Pink and Army. Every vase and plate is unique, hand-blown in genuine crystal by our proud glassblowers at Magnor Glassworks.

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