JELLY is a beautiful sculpture and a unique art project, designed by the famous artist Camilla Prytz. Camilla Prytz, who originally trained as a glassblower, has been inspired by traditional glassblowing techniques and the mystery and beauty of underwater life. The jellyfish is an independent and instinctive creature, both elegant and extraordinary. It flows slowly through life on its own journey and trusts that the ocean’s power moves it in the right direction. It can teach us to be in balance with life's currents. The jellyfish has brilliant colours and burning strands, and so we must admire its magical beauty from a distance.

JELLY is mouth-blown and handmade in sparkling crystal by our proud and skilled glassblowers at Magnor. The glorious detail of this piece, in the aqua colours of the ocean, are hand finished. Each crystal jellyfish is unique – no two are exactly alike - and they carry Camilla Prytz's famous signature.

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