Camilla Prytz 

Camilla Prytz is a recognised jewellery designer and glass artist. She is a graduate of Kosta Boda Glass School. She has had 70 exhibitions since she began as an artist 20 years ago. From 1993 to 1996, she ran a glass hut in Stavern, moving on to running her own glass studio is Oslo from 1997 to 2010 and from 2011 in Kristiansand. She has worked with hand-blown glass, glass fusing, tableware, decorations, headgear, books, street art and jewellery. Her jewellery is a favourite of celebrities and royalty worldwide. Camilla Prytz is passionate about traditional handcrafts. Her work is inspired by collective symbolism, and moves between art, design and fashion. She has been nominated for the design awards Nåløyet and Costume Awards every year since 2011. She now brings her extraordinary skill and talent back to her first love: glass and the ancient craft of glassblowing. 

  • Jelly

    JELLY is a beautiful sculpture and a unique art project, designed by the famous artist Camilla Prytz. Camilla Prytz, who originally trained as a glassblower, has been inspired by traditional glassblowing techniques and the mystery and beauty of underwater life. The jellyfish is an independent and instinctive creature, both elegant and extraordinary. It flows slowly through life on its own journey and trusts that the ocean’s power moves it in the right direction. It can teach us to be in balance with life's currents. The jellyfish has brilliant colours and burning strands, and so we must admire its magical beauty from a distance.

    JELLY is mouth-blown and handmade in sparkling crystal by our proud and skilled glassblowers at Magnor. The glorious detail of this piece, in the aqua colours of the ocean, are hand finished. Each crystal jellyfish is unique – no two are exactly alike - and they carry Camilla Prytz's famous signature.

  • Generous

    GENEROUS are beautiful and luxurious pieces of art glass. This vase and plate, designed by renowned artist Camilla Prytz, reflect her appreciation of generosity. For her, generosity is the most important value, in life and in art. To be generous means giving, sharing, helping: an offering to the world that goes beyond the ordinary.

    ‘Generous’ derives from the Latin word "generosus", meaning noble in behaviour and action. Generosity is a mature, moral and open approach to life. It is an attitude that both involves and invites hospitality, greatness, freedom, charity and love.

    When it comes to her designs, Camilla Prytz is committed to generosity in shape and colour. These pieces are large in size, wide and open in form, and broad strokes of colour are used to beautiful effect. Here, no expense is spared, and this concept is continued in their use. In the vase, there is space for unusually large bouquets of flowers, and the plate should be bursting with fruit. When you wish, you will find that the design is beautiful and rich enough to stand alone as sculpture, without flowers or fruit.

    Generous vase and plate are available in three sophisticated colours: Ivory, Pink and Army. Every vase and plate is unique, hand-blown in genuine crystal by our proud glassblowers at Magnor Glassworks.

  • Animals

    ANIMALS are beautiful, handcrafted figures in luxurious and timeless white porcelain, designed by the renowned artist Camilla Prytz. Camilla Prytz has been fascinated by large wild animals ever since she was little, when she loved Pippi and used to draw all the characters from The Jungle Book. In adulthood, she continues to draw inspiration from wild animals and her designs reference animal patterns, animal shapes and textures. She lives with a life-sized crocodile sculpture on her living room floor, her favourite clothes feature leopard skin patterns and she has created a unique jewellery collection that reflects her passion for the wild. Magnor's deep woods are like a Norwegian jungle and it is here that Camilla Prytz has let loose her wildest imagination to create her favourite, wildest animals in the finest porcelain. She hopes that ANIMALS’ fine qualities will inspire you, and that the animals will find many happy new homes. These animals can be a daily reminder for us to be kind to nature. Each animal has its own power and has something unique to teach us.

    Monkey: The monkey is playful, curious, funny, creative and intelligent.

    Tiger: The tiger is strong, powerful, aggressive, lonely and persevering.

    Crocodile: The crocodile is patient, timely, skilled in survival, protection and wisdom.

    ANIMALS are handmade figurines in beautiful white quality porcelain with the artist's famous signature for lasting value. ANIMALS are the perfect gift for yourself and those you love.

  • FishEye

    FISHEYE is a beautiful sculptural art vase and a unique art product, designed by famous artist Camilla Prytz, who is a trained glassblower. The art vase comes in two varieties, EYE BOWL and FISH BOWL, with each variety available in two colour combinations.

    Eye Bowl comes in the colour combinations blue/turquoise and multicolour. The eye has many meanings in different cultures and can symbolise protection, intuition, concentration, visualisation and enlightenment. The eye has always followed Camilla Prytz through her work.

    Fish bowl comes in the colour combinations blue/turquoise and shimmer. The glass fish was the first piece of jewelry Camilla Prytz made after swimming in the coral reefs of the Caribbean 20 years ago. She discovered a new world of colour under water that has inspired her ever since. The fish can symbolise life, fertility, the subconscious, emotions and independence.

    All the beautiful glass eyes and glass fish in the vases are handmade by Camilla Prytz in her own kiln in her studio in Odderøya, Kristiansand. Then, glassblowers in Magnor's glass hut magically inflate the eyes and fish inside the liquid crystal glass. Each of the vases are unique and blown freehand, and they all carry Camilla Prytz’ famous signature.

  • Zebra
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