• Aukrust Termo
    Aukrust Termo
  • Animals The White Moose
    Animals The White Moose

    ANIMALS MOOSE is a continuation of the beautifully handcrafted figures in delicate and timeless white porcelain, created by the famous artist Camilla Prytz. Camilla has been fascinated by big wild animals ever since she was little and loved Pippi and the Jungle Book. In adulthood she has continued to find inspiration in animals, drawing from their many different patterns, shapes and characteristics.

    In 2017 she launchedANIMALS Monkey, Tiger and Crocodile for Magnor, a series inspired by the jungle. This time she has taken the inspiration from Magnor's deep forests. ANIMALS MOOSE is a tribute to the king of the forest, the largest Norwegian animal, and was created for the enjoyment of nature lovers and tourists.

    The moose is a little bit magic, and can symbolise mystery, perseverance, nature, strength and respect.

    The moose is strongly connected to nature and it can give you wisdom about the forest's mystery, and remind us to take care of all life on Earth.

    ANIMALS MOOSE is handmade in beautiful white quality porcelain with the artist's well-known signature for lasting value. Animals are the perfect gift for yourself and those you love.

  • Boblen Candlestick
    Boblen Candlestick

    BOBLEN CANDLESTICK is frosted and dewy fresh! This is a continuation of Finn Schjøll's exceptional success with the vase series Boblen, which has become an undeniable classic in Nordic homes. This beautiful candleholder for tall candles is now available in a luscious sandblasted version which fits perfectly with the vases in the same series, but also looks great on its own. You could even turn it over and use it as a small vase.

    BOBLEN CANDLESTICK is inspired by water drops sitting like pearls on a leaf after rain. Frosty in the winter and dewy fresh in the summer, this versatile product can be used for both candles and flowers, and its soft, timeless shape and matte surface fits perfectly into modern homes, whatever the season.

    BOBLEN CANDLESTICK is 9 cm tall and is mouth blown and handmade by experienced glass blowers with long traditions in the craft. Each one has a unique expression, which is proof of true craftsmanship. Be inspired by Finn Schjøll. Light some candles and let your home shine!

  • Boblen Heart Candy Lysestake
    Boblen Heart Candy...
  • Cape

    CAPE DINNER is a continuation of the elegant and luxurious series with gold details designed by furniture and interior designer Halvor Bakke. He found the inspiration for the design during one of his many trips to Cape Town, where early one morning he stumbled upon a stylishly wrought iron gate in the old Dutch colonial style, Cape Dutch. Each piece is brilliant white, with 24-karat gold ornamentation. Let CAPE DINNER invite you to stylish dinner parties and grand occasions.

  • Dråpen Heart Candy Vase
    Dråpen Heart Candy Vase
  • Finns Hage Strawberry
    Finns Hage Strawberry
  • Love
  • Melodi Christmas Baubles
    Melodi Christmas Baubles

    MELODI is a set of beautiful Christmas baubles designed by the famous flower decorator Finn Schjøll, which perfectly captures the Norwegian concept of ‘koselig.’ Available in clear or frosted designs, the series consists of six different Christmas baubles, all measuring 9 cm in diameter. Ready for hanging, each one is delivered with a thread of festive red wool and decorated with stars, hearts and musical notes.

    The inspiration for MELODI was drawn from Finn Schjøll’s own childhood, because stars, hearts and melodies are Christmas! The collection evokes the green of the Christmas tree and its colourful decorations, along with the stars that light up the night sky and the heart we put into everything we do at this time of year, especially the songs we sing. The red, woollen thread harkens back to the old Norwegian tradition of making little Santas out of wool.

    Finn Schjøll knows how to decorate for Christmas, and tradition always beats trend at this time of year. Part of the joy comes from bringing out the same decorations each year, but these melodic baubles would be a valuable addition to any collection! You can hang them anywhere you want; on the Christmas tree, in the window, or you could even use them as table decor. They also fit superbly with Finn Schjøll's Christmas collections BOBLEN FROSTY LOVE, STELLA POLARIS and LOVE HEART, with their beautiful combinations of clear, frosted and Christmas-red glass.

    MELODI Christmas baubles are mouth blown and decorated with hearts, stars and musical notes in gold and red. They also carry Finn Schjøll's famous signature. Get inspired by Finn Schjøll and give your home a traditional Nordic Christmas!

  • Pure Champagne
    Pure Champagne

    CAPE DINNER is a continuation of the elegant and luxurious series with gold details designed by furniture and interior designer Halvor Bakke. He found the inspiration for the design during one of his many trips to Cape Town, where early one morning he stumbled upon a stylishly wrought iron gate in the old Dutch colonial style, Cape Dutch. Each piece is brilliant white, with 24-karat gold ornamentation. Let CAPE DINNER invite you to stylish dinner parties and grand occasions.

  • Rocks Clear
    Rocks Clear
  • Snøballen

    SNØBALLEN is a new design by the famous flower decorator and TV personality, Finn Schjøll. This small and dainty candle holder creates plenty of atmosphere all on its own, but also fits beautifully with Finn’s vase series, Boblen. In Finn Schjøll’s estimation, "Only live candles can measure up to flowers as mood-creators in the home."

    SNØBALLEN is round and soft, like a snowball shaped by a child's hand. Sandblasted and 55 mm in diameter, its solid and balanced design makes it safe to use with tall, thin party lights. The beautiful and timeless spherical shape and matte surface fits perfectly into Nordic homes, whatever the season. Reminiscent of a frosted snowlight in the winter or a dewy fruit in the summer, the candle holder can stand alone but also works well when arranged as part of a group.

    Create a warm atmosphere in your home and let yourself be tempted by these beautiful, handmade snowballs. An expression of genuine craftsmanship, Finn Schjøll’s design is brought to life by experienced glass blowers in Magnor’s famous glassworks.

    Finn Schjøll is one of the most popular florists and television personalities in Norway, well known for his good humour and wisdom. He is an expert in flower arrangements and table setting, and he’s always finding new inspiration when it comes to arranging the table for various get-togethers.

    For Magnor Glassworks he has had much success with the series Boblen, Dråpen, Finns Hage and Kvarts. His most recent creations are the beautiful Christmas baubles MELODI, and the candle holders BOBLEN and SNØBALLEN.

  • Skyline Lux Clear
    Skyline Lux Clear
  • The Bucket
    The Bucket
  • Thipi

    THIPI is a minimalistic carafe series composed of a water, wine and cordial carafe, designed by the skilled product designer Bjørn van den Berg. Educated at Oslo University College and Akershus with a special focus on everyday objects, Bjørn van den Berg is interested in the interaction between the senses and what he designs, focussing particularly on touch. Available in three cool colours and three different sizes, these are designer products that you serve from, show off and put on display.

  • Tokyo Gunmetal
    Tokyo Gunmetal

    TOKYO GUNMETAL CUTLERY is an elegant and well-formed cutlery set which combines the unique with the functional. It was created by the famous designer and entrepreneur Simen Staalnacke.

    The design was inspired by Japanese aesthetics and the city of Tokyo's clean lines, creating a sleek expression which marries the modern with the traditional in a way that fits perfectly into Norwegian homes. In addition, the cutlery has an ergonomic design that makes it beautifully weighted and easy to handle, as well as a unique and luxurious gunmetal coating which contributes to its timeless feel. Each piece is decorated with an elegant and simple origami figure as a tribute to Tokyo, the city where modern design meets ancient tradition.

    TOKYO GUNMETAL includes: a knife 23.8 cm; fork 20.8 cm; spoon 20.8 cm; teaspoon 14.8 cm; salad spoon 25.5 cm and a 25.5 cm salad fork. The parts are delivered as three great gift sets:

    · 4-piece envelope set consisting of a knife / fork / spoon / teaspoon

    · 24-piece set consisting of six knives / forks / spoons / teaspoons

    · 2-piece salad set consisting of a salad fork and a salad spoon

    This cutlery set is comprised of the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel. It really stands out from the crowd with its meticulous attention to detail, and each knife, fork and spoon is cast in one whole piece without any joints. Adorned with an origami figure on the handle and brand design on the back, each part of the set is delivered in a luxurious, midnight blue gift box.

    With TOKYO cutlery, designed by Simen Staalnacke, you’ll find a unique and stylish set of cutlery that’s sure to be admired.

  • Tokyo Wine
    Tokyo Wine

    TOKYO WINE is Magnor’s major new flagship series, created by the famous designer Simen Staalnacke. This is the complete wine experience, combining energy and passion with a stylish, sculptural design. Each glass is generously proportioned, while still incorporating the same tight silhouette inspired by Japanese aesthetics.

    The name of the series was taken from Simen Staalnacke’s favourite city, Tokyo, an urban melting pot where ultra-modern design meets ancient tradition. This busy metropolis is a constant source of inspiration for Simen. The latest trends in this exceptionally busy city are best enjoyed with a well rounded glass of wine at one of the city’s rooftop restaurants.

    TOKYO WINE was designed to create the optimal taste experience. A glass of wine should be delicious to drink and the design should be the perfect fusion between beautiful aesthetics and functional design.The beauty of each glass is enhanced by the sparkling light play they produce, which adds atmosphere and a sense of timeless luxury to any occasion.

    TOKYO wine series consists of eight different glasses: white wine 45 cl; red wine 63 cl; champagne 30 cl; beer 59 cl; cordial 12 cl; water 48 cl; water and wine decanter 100 cl; and, finally, a wonderful, SPECIAL EDITION 30 cl champagne glass, hand painted in a shiny blue lustre.

    TOKYO wine series is a representation of true craftsmanship. Mouth blown and handmade by professional glass blowers, this series combines beauty with function in a way that is sure to endure for generations to come, just as modern, tight lines meet with traditional styles in the city of Tokyo. Each piece represents the highest quality in Norwegian design, and they are all marked with the famous Magnor brand.

  • Tokyo The Blue Hour
    Tokyo The Blue Hour

    TOKYO THE BLUE HOUR is a set of gorgeous and seductive vases and lanterns, created by the famous designer Simen Staalnacke. The inspiration for the clean lines in this series was taken from his favourite city, Tokyo, where the latest trends meet ancient traditions. The name is a tribute to the blue hour, that magical time just before day meets night, when beautiful shades of blue are scattered across the sky and a sense of calm falls over even the busiest cities. Simen invites you to create your own cosy blue hour at home, when you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in quiet comfort.

    TOKYO - THE BLUE HOUR is a collection that can be used as either lanterns or vases. As lanterns, they provide a captivating light play. As vases, their shape helps to create elegant and stylish flower arrangements. Their size makes them suitable for all occasions and for all kinds of flowers and candles. When placed together in small groups of lanterns and vases, they will add atmosphere and style to any home.

    TOKYO - THE BLUE HOUR comes in five functional sizes: tea light holder 65 mm; lantern/ low vase 105 mm; lantern / tall vase 165 mm; low vase 205 mm and tall vase 305 mm. The series is mouth blown and handmade by experienced glass blowers with long traditions in the craft, and painted in a beautiful midnight blue tint. Each item in the series is a unique expression of exceptional craftsmanship.

    Let TOKYO - THE BLUE HOUR inspire you to create your own beautiful blue hour at home, every day!

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