• Boblen og Dråpen Classic green
    Boblen og Dråpen...

    Green is the new black! Finally, the popular vases BOBLEN and DRÅPEN come in a beautiful classic and deep green color. BOBLEN / DROPEN CLASSIC GREEN is a continuation of the successful vase series Boblen and Dråpen, designed by the famous floral decorator Finn Schjøll. He knows this with flowers and what the vases should look like. His design is inspired by soft drops of water, and the fine collars hold the flowers well and help them stand beautifully. The vases have room for plenty of water which makes the flowers live longer. They fit nicely into groups and complement each other in shape. The three new deep-green vases BOBLEN / DRÅPEN CLASSIC GREEN consist of BOBLEN vase 7 cm and 12 cm, as well as DRÅPEN vase 25 cm, and are easy to fall in love with. Each vase is unique and carries Finn Schjøll's distinctive signature on the collar. Green is pleasant and signals life, hope and expectation - be inspired by Finn Schjøll!

  • Drops Bonbonniere
    Drops Bonbonniere

    DROPS is a beautiful bonbonniere designed by Kristine Bjaadal. It’s great for serving and storing candy, nuts and confectionery, but also for safekeeping around the house – maybe as a jewellery box, or a safe home for keys and coins? The shape is soft and elegant and thus DROPS is also perfect merely as a decorative object.

    DROPS is mouth blown and handcrafted by proud glassblowers and is dishwasher safe.

  • Love

    LOVE is a stylish porcelain set that exudes love and warmth, designed by the famous celebrity stylist, Jan Thomas. This timeless design expression stands out from the crowd and has been refined down to the smallest detail. Each piece has Jan Thomas's distinctive signature, and they are all made in the best quality porcelain with a durable matte black finish. This is an exquisite Norwegian design by Jan Thomas, let it gild your home with LOVE!

  • Lux dekorkuler
    Lux dekorkuler

    LUX are glamorous, hand-cut, ornamental baubles designed by Halvor Bakke. The mouth-blown, smokey grey spheres can be hung in a window or grace a decorative tray to add a touch of year round elegance to your interior.  Available in two sizes, 8cm and 12cm, they come ready for hanging on black silk ribbon.  Signed by the designer for lasting value.

  • NOIR

    Noir, from interior designer Halvor Bakke, is a velvety and mysterious series inspired by the designer’s travels to the trendy Le Marais district in Paris where one can dine in Michelin-starred restaurants surrounded by natural materials and dark elegance. With Noir, Halvor Bakke has channeled this ambience in creating a series that highlights the entrée and elevates the dining experience. The sleek ebony-colored porcelain with a matte finish, pairs beautifully with the mouth-blown champagne glasses of the same color. The sophisticated pieces are well suited for serving both festive lunches and dinners and will guarantee a successful gathering around your table.

  • Savanna

    SAVANNA are wonderful lanterns with tight, stylish shapes in delicious art glass, designed by interior designer Halvor Bakke. He has taken inspiration from his safari tours to the savannah in Africa where he has experienced exotic animals up close. The decor is therefore exotic and reminiscent of animal prints. The shapes are still stylish and Nordic. Here, a traditionally good Norwegian unites crafts with new inspiration from exciting journeys around the world.

    SAVANNA is perfect for those who appreciate the aesthetically beautiful, but at the same time value function, quality, craftsmanship and good design. The lamps have a lovely light play, but can just as well be used as sober vases in three nice heights. Each lantern is unique, there are no two exactly the same. All parts have the designer's known signature, as proof of the best quality

  • Se ilden lyse
    Se ilden lyse

    SE ILDEN LYSE are Christmas ornaments with stars and star dust. Designed by the famous multi-artist Jan Vincent Johannessen, they are a continuation of the success of the Christmas ornaments "Heaven on Earth", which contained angel feathers. Christmas does something to all of us. Expectations that build up during the Advent era, with traditional symbols such as stars, angels, Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments and songs, are triggered during the Christmas holidays. The lyrics to "Se Ilden Lyse" were written by Jan Vincent Johannessen for the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994. The song has become popular and means a lot to many - even at Christmas. The exclusive Christmas ornaments Se Ilden Lyse are mouth-blown and handmade with shining stars and star dust. They come in two sizes, in gold or silver, with lyrics on the outside and star dust inside, and with white silk ribbon ready for hanging. SEEING THE LIGHT LIGHT makes your Christmas and your home even more beautiful.

  • Zebra

    ZEBRA is an exclusive and unique series of art glass, designed by renowned artist Camilla Prytz. ZEBRA comes in three parts; small bowl, large bowl and lamp. In white, black and a small touch of crow's eye. Zebra is genuine Norwegian handicraft made of the finest crystal. Each part is blown by professional glass blowers in the glass cabin at Magnor Glassverk, together with Camilla herself. All bowls, bowls and lamps are unique, there are no two alike, and all parts are signed by the artist. Camilla Prytz has drawn inspiration from the animal world, and the black and white zebra. All zebras are unique, their pattern is like a human's fingerprint, no one is equal. The zebra is wild and refuses to be tamed. It symbolizes individualism and strong will, while at the same time enjoying being in its flock.

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