• Augustin

    AUGUSTIN are lovely vases and angels in the same shape, designed by Teresa Bergerud. Teresa looked through old children’s drawings when designing an angel for Magnor Glassverk. She came across a beautiful drawing of an angel her son, August, signed when he was five years. This angel gave love and inspiration for the series Augustin. The angels are charming and beautiful, and all have a personality as they are mouth blown and made by hand.

    Out of collection - will be sold while stocks last.

  • Boblen Schackmatt
    Boblen Schackmatt
  • Gemini

    GEMINI is a collection of three beautiful vases/dishes, designed by renowned doctor and author, Jan Vincents Johannessen. As Jan Vincents Johannessen is himself a Gemini, he designed the vases to have two different (‘twin’) functions. GEMINI is mouth-blown and hand made in sparkling glass by proud glassblowers with extensive experience in the field. The interesting shape can be turned into a vase or a dish, mirroring the dualistic nature of the star sign Gemini. Each one is unique and they carry Jan Vincents Johannessen’s valued signature.

  • Husengel
  • Lucca
  • Munch Porselen
    Munch Porselen

    God Jul is a charming series that caters to the good old Christmas spirit. The glass and porcelain pieces have hand painted gold edges and are decorated
    with beautiful santa motifs. The Scandinavian Santa is approximately a fist high and can be recognized by his red or gray hat, and on the long white beard.

    We recommend washing dishes by hand because of the gold decoration.

    Out of collection - will be sold while stocks last.


    Out of collection - will be sold while stocks last.

  • Plint

    A prism of colors. Light that is lost in a stunning plumage. Tradition and innovation are fused with modern sculptural elegance. The optical glass shape and twisted stem give a harmonious expression. Emotions are conjured up from glowing glass mass designed with a strong sense of form and an artistic creative urge. All pieces are signed Ari Behn for lasting value.

  • Square

    SQUARE vase, bolle, telykt og stormlykt er munnblåst av erfarne glassblåsere. Serien er håndslepet i en tidløs rutedekor som gir et elegant og sofistikert uttrykk. Lysspillet i det funklende glasset gir en følelse av luksus. Interiørdesigner Halvor Bakke har skapt en vakker serie som vil berike ditt hjem. Alle deler har Halvor Bakkes kjente signatur, som bevis for beste kvalitet.

  • Torus

    TORUS is a simple and beautiful candlestick in transparent glass, designed by the young artist Thea Jegerud. It has soft lines, a playful shape and functions well in all settings. It has an elegant and recognisable form while not being overly traditional. This makes it a stylish and unpretentious candleholder that is suitable both for everyday use and special occasions. The light is held steadily in the candleholder, which can be placed alone or grouped together. The colours are modern, transparent and fit well into the contemporary Norwegian home. Choose your favourite or mix and match.


    Torus is the name of a mathematical form, reminiscent of a doughnut. This form is the basis for the design of the candleholder - a semicircle of glass which folds around the light. Thea found her inspiration for Torus from the glassmaking craft itself where she has been using basic glassblowing techniques to produce a simple yet beautiful candleholder.


    TORUS is mouth-blown and handmade, therefore each one is totally unique - aesthetically beautiful yet functional and versatile.

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