We are launching this tall, teardrop-shaped vase in three functional sizes, to complement our popular BOBLEN range and to create new and beautiful effects in your home. DRÅPEN meaning water drop in Norwegian, is the gorgeous new vase series from the well-known florist Finn Schjøll.

This teardrop-shaped vase is elongated, soft, natural and timeless. The design is inspired by water drops on bare branches, caught at the very playful moment when they let go and fall.

DRÅPEN highlights the beauty of your flowers. The curved collar of the vase supports the flowers, so that they stand tall, creating a striking display. DRÅPEN has a small footprint, perfect to put together in small groups.

It is mouth-blown and handmade by experienced glass-blowers with a long tradition in the craft. Every single vase will have a unique style and each vase carries the known signature of Finn Schjøll.

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