• SKOG

    The Skog series consists of several lights in different sizes, shapes and colours, which can be used in combination with each other or as stand alone pieces. They are all made in mouth blown crystal with a base in oak made by using the technique of wood turning. The design is inspired by the large forests surrounding Magnor Glassverk. Skog is the Norwegian word for forest. Simply place a few of the lights together on the floor or on a table in order to create your own little forest. Beautiful, green glass sculptures together with oak ... creates a beautiful and green forest of art glass. These designer lamps can stand alone or in a group. With their unique, simple design and good organic forms the lamps are timeless, and well suited to a modern home or public environment.

  • Rocks Lamp
    Rocks Lamp

    ROCKS consists of three elegant lamps, sophisticated lanterns and candleholders in gray smoke design. Rocks series is designed by the famous interior designer Halvor Bakke. Inspiration comes from the ice age during his many trips to Mølen in Norway. There, he strolled along the shore and enjoyed the sight of rough stones at the waterfront and beautiful rock formations of moraines from the ice age. He has seen the shapes and colors in the authenticity and integrity of the countryside and allowed himself to play with nature’s shapes.

  • Skyline Lux Lampe
    Skyline Lux Lampe

    SKYLINE LUX LAMP is a glamorous luxury lamp with an exclusive, hand cut and decorative design, created by the famous interior and furniture designer, Halvor Bakke.

    The inspiration for the Skyline shape is drawn from his travels around the world. Skyline became an obvious name for the series after a trip to Shanghai, where Halvor stood at a window on the 43rd floor, spellbound by the glittering cityscape. He gave Skyline a tight, clean and masculine composition in reference to the city's stylish lines. This exclusive, hand cut design is a sophisticated addition to any home.

    SKYLINE LUX LAMP is equally at home hanging over a dining table, illuminating your room as a bedside lamp or used as a mood creator in a dark corner. It is mouth blown and hand cut in charcoal grey glass by experienced glass blowers. Delivered with a brass plate and with its wire covered in golden fabric, this elegant and luxurious lamp oozes luxury and true craftsmanship.

  • Zebra

    ZEBRA is an exclusive and unique series of art glass, designed by renowned artist Camilla Prytz. ZEBRA comes in three parts; small bowl, large bowl and lamp. In white, black and a small touch of crow's eye. Zebra is genuine Norwegian handicraft made of the finest crystal. Each part is blown by professional glass blowers in the glass cabin at Magnor Glassverk, together with Camilla herself. All bowls, bowls and lamps are unique, there are no two alike, and all parts are signed by the artist. Camilla Prytz has drawn inspiration from the animal world, and the black and white zebra. All zebras are unique, their pattern is like a human's fingerprint, no one is equal. The zebra is wild and refuses to be tamed. It symbolizes individualism and strong will, while at the same time enjoying being in its flock.

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