Cathrine Maske 

Cathrine Maske is a renowned glass designer. She has excelled with distinctive techniques in glass and has participated in exhibitions nationally as well as internationally, where she has received numerous awards for her design. Cathrine Maske started working with Magnor in 2005 when she designed wine set, CILIA. Cathrine Maske stands out with her professional glass design and her accuracy. Her designs are feminine, aesthetically beautiful and loved by the discerning.


    LUCCA is designed by the renowned glass designer Cathrine Maske. The forms are soft and organic, perfectly designed to provide a perfected wine experience. They are filled with energy and passion – not too big, but just the right size to become your new favourite wine glasses. The name LUCCA is derived from wine district Lucca in Tuscany, which is known for its excellent Italian wines.

    The wine glasses are designed to be different and playful, yet optimised to evoke the flavour of the wine. They are clear, to bring out the wine's natural colour, and beautifully balanced

    in your hand. The glasses are light and elegant, the perfect size to vent and rotate the wine so that the wine's aroma becomes trapped. Lucca is truly a delight for the eyes and palate!

    LUCCA consists of six pieces: white wine; red wine; champagne; water/white wine; water/wine; wine decanter. All pieces are mouth-blown and handcrafted by proud glass blowers. LUCCA is perfect for people who care for aesthetics while at the same time appreciating function, quality and good design. Each piece is signed by Cathrine Maske as proof of good Norwegian design.


    SPIRE is a gorgeous, sparkling art vase in real crystal, designed by the renowned glass designer Cathrine Maske. The vase is inspired by the graceful, strong shoots of new spring flowers, extending up to the light. SPIRE is the shape of the beginning of something new.

    The SPIRE art vase is available in three sophisticated, serious colours: red, blue and green. Each vase is unique; no two are exactly alike. The powerful, crystal clear base raises the vase, as if it hovers, and gives it a luxurious feel. The SPIRE art vase is hand-blown and handcrafted by proud glass-blowers at Magnor. The vase is perfect for those who enjoy an aesthetically beautiful art glass while appreciating the function and quality of good design. Cathrine Maske’s signature is engraved in the vase as proof of good Norwegian design.

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