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Magnor is working with some of Norway’s leading designers. Glass is one of the hardest materials to form - in a fraction of a second the hot mixture will solidify and the product is created. Empathy. Ability. Good form that is loved and used. It is only the most skilled who can work with glass. Here we present some of the designers we work with.

  • Bjørn van den Berg
    Bjørn van den Berg

    Bjørn van den Berg is an educated product designer from Oslo University College and Akershus with a special focus on everyday objects, lighting and interior design. He has exhibited his works nationally and internationally, and he’s launched interior products for both Norwegian and foreign manufacturers. He is interested in the interaction between the senses and what he designs, focussing particularly on touch. Bjørn van den Berg has been on Wallpaper Magazine's list of the most promising graduate designers, and has also been mentioned as one of the most exciting designers in the New York Times furniture fair in Milan. Thipi is his first series with Magnor Glassworks.

  • Camilla Prytz
    Camilla Prytz

    Camilla Prytz is a recognised jewellery designer and glass artist. She is a graduate of Kosta Boda Glass School. She has had 70 exhibitions since she began as an artist 20 years ago. From 1993 to 1996, she ran a glass hut in Stavern, moving on to running her own glass studio is Oslo from 1997 to 2010 and from 2011 in Kristiansand. She has worked with hand-blown glass, glass fusing, tableware, decorations, headgear, books, street art and jewellery. Her jewellery is a favourite of celebrities and royalty worldwide. Camilla Prytz is passionate about traditional handcrafts. Her work is inspired by collective symbolism, and moves between art, design and fashion. She has been nominated for the design awards Nåløyet and Costume Awards every year since 2011. She now brings her extraordinary skill and talent back to her first love: glass and the ancient craft of glassblowing. 

  • Caroline Olsson
    Caroline Olsson

    The designer of the series SKOG is Caroline Olsson. Caroline has a degree as a product designer, and enjoys working directly with the material, preferably in collaboration with industry professionals, to create her pieces.


    Caroline is committed to creating poetic products that will feel meaningful to own and to live with for years to come. She grew up in the deep forests of Magnor, Eidskog, which is also home to Magnor Glassworks. Skog as a series is inspired by those vast forests where she played as a child, and with it, she wishes to continue the story of the "adventure forest" and to share it with those who love her work.


    The lamps SKOG were first shown on DOGA in June 2011, where they received much attention. Beautiful green glass domes with oak pedestals create a graceful green forest of art glass. These are lamps that can stand alone or in groups. With their unique, simple design and organic shapes, these lights will be timeless and elegant in your home or in a public or business setting. 

  • Finn Schjøll
    Finn Schjøll

    Finn Schjøll is one of the most popular florists and television personalities in Norway, well known for his good spirits and wise statements. With his knowledge of flowers and gift giving, he is continuously offering new inspiration on how to bring joy to others and how to decorate with flowers. For Magnor, he has designed Boblen; the greatest vase success yet. Spread some joy and be inspired by Finn Schjøll!

  • Halvor Bakke
    Halvor Bakke

    Halvor Bakke is one of the most popular interior designers in Norway, well known from various interior programs on TV. He has developed interior collections, furniture collections, created colour schemes, wallpapers and designed flooring. With his great knowledge if interior design, Halvor Bakke is providing inspiration for Norwegian homes. For Magnor, he has successfully designed the series Lerk, Skyline and Cap Classique, Square and Skyline Limited Edition. Be inspired by Halvor Bakke!

  • Jan Vincents Johannesen
    Jan Vincents Johannesen

    Jan Vincents Johannessen is one of the best multi-artists in Norway. His artistic scope includes paintings, prints, photography, glass art, film, design, books, poetry and music. He is a qualified doctor from the University of Bergen and has a medical doctorate from the University of Oslo. He is a professor of medicine and has written a plethora of scientific articles and books in medicine.

    Within music Johannessen has composed numerous songs for Norwegian and international stars. Most notably he wrote the lyrics to the official Olympic song, "Se ilden lyse" and "Fire in Your Heart" recorded by Sissel / Placido Domingo, and "Himmel på jord", recorded by Kurt Nilsen. His most famous book in Norwegian is "Kunsten å leve" (The Art of Living) which is the best-selling non-fiction book in Norway ever.

    Jan Vincents Johannessen was Jakob Weidemann’s only student, right from the eighties until Weidemann's death in 2001. Johannessen has had numerous solo exhibitions in Norway and abroad, and his paintings, prints and glass art have adorned a wide range of public and private institutions/hotels.

    Johannessen is a very sought-after speaker at home and abroad, and now he is also known as the designer of the glass series GEMINI for Magnor Glassworks.


  • Jan Thomas
    Jan Thomas
  • Katinka von der Lippe
    Katinka von der Lippe

    Katinka von der Lippe is a recognized designer with a broad design background, - from cars to furniture, porcelain and glass. She holds a Master of Arts and has received Red Dot award, Brit Design Award, and a series of Norwegian Design Awards. She has her own design studio and workshop in Oslo where she develops and produces her unique designs. She brings together materials such as glass and metal with skilful aesthetic and technical insight. Her return to glass, art and craft is also a tribute to her childhood, growing up in a family of artists in generations.

  • Kristine Bjaadal
    Kristine Bjaadal
    Kristine Bjaadal holds a Master’s degree in design from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and runs her own design studio in Oslo, Norway. Through objects, Bjaadal wants to tell stories about everyday life. She focuses on how she – through her design of everyday objects – can turn your daily routines into rituals to appreciate. Her works have a poetic quality where use of materials and design united give associations to sculpture as well as to their intended use.
  • Per Spook
    Per Spook

    Per Spook is one of Norway’s most recognised designers. He was born in 1939 and educated at the Oslo School of Art and Ecole de la Chambre de la Haute Couture in Paris. He worked for several major design houses and fashion designers, such as Dior, Saint Laurent and Louis Féraud, until 1977, when he opened his own fashion house in Paris. His collaboration with Magnor started in 1995 and has resulted in Kongle crystal (1996), one of Norway’s best-selling wine series. Today, Per Spook is a renowned artist, known as a fashion designer, painter, photographer and glass designer, inspired by his love of nature.

  • Simen Staalnacke
    Simen Staalnacke
  • Sverre Uhnger
    Sverre Uhnger

    Sverre Uhnger is an educated designer from Bergen National Academy of the Arts and Aalto University in Helsinki, and has also worked as a cabinetmaker. He aims to create products that feel natural and where the intrinsic qualities of the materials and production techniques used are a focal point of the design. He runs his own design office and is active on several boards, including Klubben and Designers’ Saturday. For Magnor, Sverre Uhnger designed the beer and aquavit series BRYGG and the bowl FAVN. FOLD is his most recent creation.

  • Stein Nilsen
    Stein Nilsen

    Stein Nilsen (1934 - 2014 ) has designed several of Magnor’s bestsellers. The cooperation began in 1972. Eternal and popular series such as Geilo, Skute and Villmark have been created through his dependable design. With his education from Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole in Oslo, Stein Nilsen has always been focused on Norwegian craft. He was inspired by the glassblowers in the ancient art of glass's color, light and shape. He has created products that give a feeling of direct contact with past generations.

  • Teresa Bergerud
    Teresa Bergerud

    Teresa Bergerud has worked for Magnor Glassverk during 2008-2014, and has designed several of Magnor’s products these years. Teresa Bergerud has a Bachelors degree in productdesign from HIOA (2003) and has experience from founder of Gulberg Design, grafic design and as an owner of a furniture factory.
    For Magnor, she has designed the series Alba and Augustin.

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