Per Spook 

Per Spook is one of Norway’s most recognised designers. He was born in 1939 and educated at the Oslo School of Art and Ecole de la Chambre de la Haute Couture in Paris. He worked for several major design houses and fashion designers, such as Dior, Saint Laurent and Louis Féraud, until 1977, when he opened his own fashion house in Paris. His collaboration with Magnor started in 1995 and has resulted in Kongle crystal (1996), one of Norway’s best-selling wine series. Today, Per Spook is a renowned artist, known as a fashion designer, painter, photographer and glass designer, inspired by his love of nature.


    PER SPOOK has seen the good life. With an eye for what is beautiful, he created KONGLE, inspired by Norwegian nature. With a warm, golden hue that reminiscent of an immature pine cone, this wine service is one of our most popular. All pieces are signed by PER SPOOK for lasting value.

  • SNE

    In this series, known as SNE - the Norwegian word for snow - PER SPOOK is inspired by the chilly elegance of nature. His interpretation of snow allows us to see the dancing of snow crystals magnified into floating particles of gold. Bowls, vases, dishes and wine glasses, -all of which are designed either alone or in combination to gladden both the eye and the hand. All pieces have the designer's characteristic signature embossed on the underside. Flakes of gold and ice-white in clear crystal.


    The famous fashion designer Per Spook has again been inspired by his love of Norwegian nature. Glittering crystals, ice clear moods in pristine winter landscape and icicles starting to melt. Frozen moods conjured from glowing glass mass becomes sculptural candlesticks in sparkling clear crystal.

    Spill is rustic and evocative candlesticks in four sizes. They are timeless and robust and represents Norwegian craftsmanship at its finest. Each one is unique, mouth-blown and handcrafted by experienced glassblowers in Magnor. They also carry Per Spook’s characteristic signature. This is luxurious elegance and unique masterpieces!

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