Kristine Bjaadal 

Kristine Bjaadal holds a Master’s degree in design from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and runs her own design studio in Oslo, Norway. Through objects, Bjaadal wants to tell stories about everyday life. She focuses on how she – through her design of everyday objects – can turn your daily routines into rituals to appreciate. Her works have a poetic quality where use of materials and design united give associations to sculpture as well as to their intended use.
  • HOLD

    Hold is a series of coloured glass containers designed by Kristine Bjaadal. The glasses explore the idea of open/closedness , and can be used with or without wooden lids. The lids are made of solid ash with leather details. All the glasses are made from the same form, but the they are cut in different heights – which gives the collection a varied yet holistic impression. Hold can be used as functional containers, or merely as sculptural objects.

  • Hold Hverdag
    Hold Hverdag

    HOLD HVERDAG, designed by Kristine Bjaadal, is both beautiful and functional. It is perfect as a multipurpose product through the seasons or as a decorative sculpture. The shape is soft and organic and the expression is classic. HOLD HVERDAG is mouth blown and handcrafted by proud glassblowers, and comes in three transparent colours. Its wooden lid and leather strap are made from natural, warm materials that are a pleasure to handle.

    This is the perfect interior piece, for display and for everyday use -  whether as a useful jar for safekeeping, a display piece for decorative objects and the things you love, an atmospheric hurricane lamp for dark winter evenings or as a beautiful vase for the summer flowers you pick. HOLD HVERDAG makes life a little more beautiful!

  • Drops

    DROPS is a beautiful bonbonniere designed by Kristine Bjaadal. It’s great for serving and storing candy, nuts and confectionery, but also for safekeeping around the house – maybe as a jewellery box, or a safe home for keys and coins? The shape is soft and elegant and thus DROPS is also perfect merely as a decorative object.

    DROPS comes in three colours; one is an opaque black for your secrets and the things you would like to hide, and there’s a choice of two transparent colours for the things you want to display.

    DROPS is mouth blown and handcrafted by proud glassblowers and is dishwasher safe.

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