Kathinka Dysthe 

Kathinka Dysthe was born in 1963 in a family of designers. She graduated from Oslo’s SHKS Institute for Industrial Design in 1994 and forged an early career as a designer for industry, in the medium of porcelain. She broadened her experience in the areas of lighting, decoration, sports and leisure products at a design office in Oslo.

Since 1999, she has run the design company OS2 with her husband, Even Wøllo, also an industrial designer, a partnership which she says strengthens her products by adding inspiration and new approaches to her working practice. When Kathinka Dysthe works with glass design, she starts with the concept  she would like to communicate and then goes on to express her ideas through the material of glass

Katinka Dysthe has been critically acclaimed. Her designs have received the award for Design Excellence three times and she has a diverse range of products in her reference list, each one an example of her clear expressive style and talent.


    Kathinka Dysthe has succeeded in capturing the essence of spring when the snow melts, like the green hue of the leaves sprouting. A sign of spring. A work of art. Anemone.

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